Here are just a few of the comments our amazing clients have shared with Wellness By Norah.

Joan Eberhardt

I have been taking Pilates classes with Norah Myers for the past nine months and am pleased to recommend Norah as a fabulous Pilates instructor. Norah is a skilled Pilates educator, attends to student’s personal exercise health requirements, and communicates respectfully with her students.

I began attending Norah’s Pilates classes due to having hip and lower back pain. Norah was able to assist me with identifying the source of my pain, and in strengthening the surrounding muscles. I have now benefitted from increasing mobility and a marked decrease in pain.

I highly recommend Norah as a “go to” Pilates instructor.

Kathleen Shortt

When I first met Norah I had no idea what Pilates was let alone ever thought I could take a class. Norah talked to me about Pilates and told me how doing the workout had helped her. After a few months, I was convinced to give it a try. I have arthritis in my hips that causes me quite a bit of pain and sometimes walking is very difficult. I was nervous when I attended that first class; I was very self-conscious about my lack of coordination and the fact that I am overweight. Norah immediately put me at ease and we got to work. Norah promised me she would go easy on me, and assured me Pilates would be good for me. SHE WAS NOT WRONG. After that first session, I noticed I wasn’t in so much pain. Norah gave me tips on exercise I could do at home and how to sit at my desk to alleviate the pain. I enjoyed weekly workout sessions with Norah for a few months and then Covid19 came along – to say I can’t wait to get back to class is an understatement! I find Norah to be a patient and understanding instructor. She makes sure I am comfortable and not in pain, she checks in on me, and best of all we have a few good laughs in class.

I highly recommend Norah as an instructor!

Shallon Lester

Norah really helped me with my hips; they were sore and stiff to the point that I thought maybe something was really wrong or maybe this was just old age setting in! But literally within 20 minutes they felt so different, and she gave me easy exercises I can do at any time, even before I got out of bed!

Audrey Beaudry

I would totally recommend Norah! In the first session, we figured out which movements wouldn’t work with my disability. Then, before each weekly session she planned out what we were going to do. As soon as I got there, she would ask me what I wanted to work on, or if I was in pain, then the routine would be modified to include working on the sore spots. All the while, Norah would give instructions and lots of encouragement (never done Pilates before). In the session, my tension would go away and over a short amount of time my balance increased significantly. When I talk to my doctors I credit Norah and Pilates to my much quicker recovery time.