When you work with me, you’ll start with an orientation session to discuss your needs and goals. Then, you can work with me on a 1:1 basis or in a semi-private or group setting. Email or text me to book your first class on Zoom.


Each client starts with an orientation class to determine their needs. Then, they can continue with private classes or shift into semi-private or group classes.

Class Types

Never done Pilates before? You’re in the right place. Beginner classes focus on the principles of Pilates and the foundational exercises that give you a low-impact full-body workout.

Kathleen was fairly skeptical when she started Pilates with me. She thought it might cause her pain and that, because of her arthritis, she wouldn’t be able to do it. She’s been coming once a week for a year. She sits and walks with far less pain and discomfort, she smokes less than half of the number of cigarettes she used to, and she’s taken up other activities, like walking and gardening.

I specialize in treating disability, and it will never be a barrier to entry – or progress – in my classes. I use props and modifications to give you the full support you need for a safe, fun, and effective workout.

Audrey started working with me six months after having a stroke. We worked on her balance, strength, and stability. She walks with much more ease, has far better balance, and is much stronger. One class per week for six months was one of the important elements of rehabilitating after a stroke, and she continues to use Pilates to maintain her balance and muscle strength.

Lise started classes with me to help manage the symptoms of her fibromyalgia. She would come in feeling exhausted and sore, and leave with far more lightness and energy. She, like many others with fibromyalgia, expected that Pilates would tire her out, and was surprised when it made her feel better.

Recently injured? When your physio has taken care of your acute injury, I help with its chronic effects.

Amanda came to me with a hip injury from running. Within four classes, she told me she’d had her first pain-free run. We worked together to manage her pain and prevent another injury from happening.

Donna started classes with me after injuring both shoulders. Regular classes have provided pain relief, allowing her to do yard work and house work without experiencing discomfort or soreness.

Barbara began Pilates with an old knee injury, having broken it in an accident six years prior. Her knee had healed, but it still often caused her discomfort. She did three months of daily online mat classes, and said that, for the first time since her accident, she could comfortably sit cross-legged.

Expecting a baby? Come hop on the reformer.

Kelli, Cheryl, Helen, Alexandra, and Kara all started Pilates with me in their third trimesters of pregnancy. Pilates boosted their energy when they were exhausted. Regular classes helped to them deliver their babies easily and safely. Claire started Pilates after she had her daughter, and it made her recovery faster and far more comfortable.

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