The Most Common Question People Ask Me About Pilates - Norah Myers

January 5, 2021by Norah Myers

The Most Common Question People Ask Me About Pilates

‘I’m not flexible. Can I still do Pilates?’

Yes, you can.

Pilates is what makes you flexible.

I was a broken mess when I started Pilates. I was the most inflexible person on the planet. I never exercised because I hated going to the gym. My massage therapist told me that I needed to exercise more, so I started Pilates classes. When I walked in the door on that first day, I had no abdominal strength, poor coordination, bad balance, and zero flexibility.

Pilates is what made me stronger and more flexible.

I don’t know where this misconception comes from, why people think that flexibility is required to begin Pilates classes, but this is a real issue that has real consequences because it means that people who think they can’t do Pilates aren’t likely to try it at all.

The Pilates reformer might look like it only accommodates people who are flexible and strong, but the springs, ropes, and safety chains are designed to support the clients who need it the most, who come to Pilates after car accidents, disc herniations, difficult birth experiences, and years spent managing arthritis pain.

I had one client who was actually scared to get on the reformer at first, because she thought it would hurt. She was intimidated to try, partially because she was inflexible. During her third class, she was sailing nicely through the reformer work. She said, ‘This is fun.’ My heart exploded with happiness.

She put the work in and showed up for classes every Saturday, and within months she’d eased her arthritis pain, cut back on smoking, and taken up other exercise. She was far more confident and comfortable in her body, moved with more ease, and was more flexible.

Being inflexible shouldn’t be considered a barrier to entry into Pilates.

It should be the reason why you start doing Pilates in the first place.

It takes consistency, discipline, and persistence, but you’ll see results with regular classes.

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