What To Expect From Your First Class - Norah Myers

November 1, 2020by Norah Myers

I start every client with an orientation class to asses their needs and understand their goals.

Then, they can continue on with private classes or move into semi-private or group classes.

To prepare: At least an hour before class, drink one or two glasses of water. The more hydrated you are, the better your balance will be, especially when the temperature drops in the autumn and winter. Staying hydrates makes a tremendous difference to your mobility and your flexibility.

What to bring: Please wear comfortable gym clothes. If your class is in-studio, please wear a mask the whole time you are inside, even while exercising. Before you ask where my leggings are from, all of my Pilates clothes are either Sweaty Betty or Lululemon.

What to expect: We will go through your past or current injuries, surgeries, and health concerns. Then, we’ll look at your reasons for coming to Pilates, your goals, and your aspirations.

Classes: We usually begin with reformer class – unless mat is preferred – and do mat exercises when you’ve built up some strength and familiarity with the repertoire.

All classes are designed to fit your needs at any given time.

Barbara started on the reformer and then moved to the mat once lockdown began. Her daily mat classes helped her fully rehabilitate an old knee injury.

Kathleen began her Pilates classes on the reformer. After a year of regular classes, she blends reformer and mat to help her shoulder and hip pain and strengthen her abs.

Claire was on the reformer while she was pregnant, and now does mat classes as she recovers postpartum.

Donna started with a blend of mat and reformer exercises to accommodate her shoulder discomfort, and her classes are a blend of mat, reformer, and fascial work.

Alex’s head injury made reformer work uncomfortable, so she does Pilates and fascial work on the mat.


Orientation Class: $25
10 Semi-Private Classes: $250
10 Private Classes: $300

Charitable Donations: Every month, I choose a charity to donate to. This month, I will be supporting The Children’s Hospital Research Foundation.